Which Braces are Best for Your Child?

Braces are used to correct alignment and spacing issues as well as crooked teeth. While adults sometimes used braces, they’re more commonly used by children and teens. If the dentist has recommended braces for your child, there are a few types of them to consider. While the dentist will provide more information about the best braces for your child’s needs, we’ll help get you started.

Metal braces are the least expensive and probably the least desirable type of braces available today. These braces have been used to correct alignment issues for a very long time now. They work by using thin wire with rubber bands that push the teeth forward using pressure. This is one of the most commonly used types of braces east los angeles as well.

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Ceramic braces are available. This type of braces blends with the natural color of the teeth but work in a manner that is similar to metal braces. They are costlier, but the less noticeability is important. Some people use clear bands, some use white ties; it is your decision. The disadvantage to note about these braces is their susceptibility to staining.

Most children and adults alike prefer braces that others cannot see. And so, they prefer to use Invisible braces because they are clear so no one can see them. The invisible braces are more comfortable and usually treat the problems faster. You can even remove them when eating to minimize decaying your teeth. These advantages cause Invisible braces to be the most expensive of the options.

Another braces type to choose from for your kids is the lingual braces. These customized braces are invisible to the eye since they’re placed behind the teeth. The lingual braces are more expensive than ceramic and metal braces, but many people feel that it is worth the extra money.